First Sunday of Lent (Year B) 21 February 2021

 Date Time Service Intention
Sunday 21 February MASS 11am 1st Sunday of Lent DRF Milburn family
Monday 22 February   Chair of St Peter  
Tuesday 23 February  


St Polycarp, Bishop, Martyr

Evening Prayer over Zoom

Wednesday 24 February MASS 10am Wednesday of 1st Week of Lent Priest’s Intention
Thursday 25 February   Thursday of 1st Week of Lent  
Friday 26 February  


Friday of 1st Week of Lent

Stations of the Cross over Zoom

Saturday 27 February   Saturday of 1st Week of Lent  
Sunday 28 February MASS 11am 2nd Sunday of Lent DRF Wilcox Family



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