Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 13 June 2021

 Date Time Service Intention
Sunday 13 June

Psalter week 3

MASS 11am 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time Kieren Bonner (Ani)
Monday 14 June   Monday of Week 11  
Tuesday 15 June  


Tuesday of week 11

Evening Prayer over Zoom

Wednesday 16 June NO MASS Wednesday of week 11

St Richard of Chichester

Thursday 17 June   Thursday of week 10  
Friday 18 June  


Friday of week 11

Rosary over Zoom

Saturday 19 June   Saturday of week 11

St Romuald

Sunday 20 June MASS 11am 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Day of Special Prayer for Life

Kath Browne (Ani)

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